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Lenovo introduces new products, to think about mobility and connectivity –

Lenovo introduces new products, to think  about mobility and connectivity

The latest tablets and laptops, promise to conquer the gift list this Christmas.

*Is reading a press release (Image: Lenovo Yoga Tab Pro 3)

The Lenovo, leading company in the production of laptops and tablets, presents its latest innovations in mobile devices that adapt to the needs of all types of users, and that will make the gift more desired in the next Christmas.

The Lenovo has a wide range of choices that the more varied the gender of users can enjoy. In addition to the long-awaited Yoga Book, will mark, also, presence, the Yoga 910, the Miix 510, among others.

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The Yoga Book Lenovo marks the beginning of a new era in mobile productivity. Is a tablet 2-in-1 as until now not seen. Thin, light and stylish, the Yoga Book makes it to free the imagination – at any time, at any place.

  • Yoga Book brings together the best of the universe tablet, introducing the new features of productivity and creativity, such as the keyboard Halo, the pen dual and the Book UI.
  • The keyboard Halo Yoga Book allows a user experience much beyond what is common in a conventional tablet, resembling to that of a physical keyboard.
  • The digital pen of Yoga Book allows you to write and draw both on screen and on paper, scanning automatically the notes and drawings.
  • The slim and lightweight design, the autonomy of 15 hours, and the hinge that rotates 360 degrees to give the Yoga Book the freedom and convenience to work around the side.
  • Available with Android system or Windows 10 Pro, the Yoga Book is the most thin and light tablet 2-in-1 in the world, meeting the aspirations of the consumers in the way that enhances the productivity in the equipment tablet.

The pair of the star of the company, the Yoga 910 also stands out for being the latest convertible ultra-thin Lenovo, with a thickness of only 14,3 mm. It is also one of the most powerful laptops convertible of the moment, with the latest Core i7 processors, 7th Generation. Many users of the templates Yoga use your equipment convertible to all daily tasks, including work and entertainment. By this, the new Yoga 910 may include a screen Full HD, or 4K.

Also the music is improved, thanks to the Dolby system Audio Premium. Reaching to the 15.5 hours of operation, Yoga 910 allows you to work or watch movies without worrying about battery life.

The Yoga Tab 3 Pro allows you to enjoy your entertainment with never-before-done, thanks to the great multimedia experience that offers. In addition, the Yoga Tab 3 Pro includes an improved version of the projector of the previous model, allowing the projection of a size up to 70 inches. This tablet, with its spectacular screen and MultiTouch its four operating modes (laptop, stand, store, and tablet) remains the ideal device for mobile users.

With a cover on the skin and a frame in metal, the YOGA Tab 3 Pro allows you to experience the last generation in terms of video, which in addition to the projector comes with speakers Dolby Atmos immersive surround, and Netflix.

New tablets for different purposes

The new Miix 510, a device that combines the convenience of a tablet with the efficiency of a laptop equipped with the conventional keyboard. Able to integrate processors Intel Core i7 processor of the 6th Generation, the Miix 510 may separate of your keyboard, transforming it into a true tablet that enhances the entertainment online. Can be used to easily make presentations, read e-books, or as a work laptop. It is a equipment that is very versatile and with a battery life that reaches 7.5 hours.

The ideapad to inspire the world of computers

The ideapad 700 is the multimedia laptop more powerful Lenovo, not leaving a part its production line. The elegant style and the lightweight design may mislead the consumer, however for the underside of the hood you can find a processor sixth-generation Intel and a board gáfica PCIe SSD & NVIDIA that will allow you to obtain a performance fully advanced.

In the dictionary the word "premium" exists as an adjective to describe something better than its similar. Has something, some ingredient that makes first rate by the difference to the part and above any other thing. At Lenovo, we combine an artistic performance with the last cry of technology design to create a new type of notebook premium: the ideapad 710.

The super slim and super lightweight Ideapad 710 is ideal for taking with you everywhere. Allows an extraordinary quality of sound, wi-fi, ultra fast, and is equipped with a card high-speed PCIe – perfect to always be in your world.

The gamers are not forgotten

The ideapad Y700 offers a wide range of options within an avant-garde design and stylish for gamers who require an income without complications with the Windows 10 Pro and the latest Intel® processors and who also want to have the option to upgrade in the future. It is a good solution for players that travel a time that combines the latest Intel® processors or AMD and the option to choose between touch screen or 3D camera Intel® RealSense (for portátéis 15 inches).

Combines the mobility of a notebook PC with the power of the game wherever you go. This is the solution to always keeping you inside the game with the option to screen edge-to-edge 10" multitouch, powerful columns and subwoofer JBL.

Availability and pricing

  • The Yoga Book will be available from October 2016, with a retail PRICE starting at 499€ for the Android version and 599€ for the Windows® version 10 Pro.
  • The Yoga 910 will be available from November 2016, with a retail PRICE starting at 1499€.
  • The Yoga Tab 3 Pro is available from 499€.
  • The Lenovo Miix 510, with keyboard and pointer included, will be available from October 2016, with a retail PRICE starting at 799€.
  • The ideapad Y700 is available from 1.299€.
  • The ideapad 710 is available from 999€.
  • The ideapad 700 is available from 899€.

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