Tuesday, October 18, 2016

“We do not have the means to make a systematic assessment” of the exemptions of IMI – Public.en

the President of The Syndicate of Workers of Taxes (STI), Paulo Ralha, confirms the diagnosis made by the IGF that the evaluation of the services to assign exemptions of IMI is made up of a case by case basis. Lack an integrated system to cross-reference data, evaluates it.

According to the IGF, the control of the AT in the allocation of the exemptions of IMI is insufficient. What guidelines have the services to make this assessment?
There is data that a person in the service of Finance does not have to be able to relate all of the data in respect of other income [addition to the declaration of IRS], as rates liberatórias, prizes, games, for there to be a correlation of all of these income at the time to assign, or not, the exemption.

The evaluation of services of Finance to assign exemptions of IMI is made up of a case by case basis, as it says in the IGF?
Yes, in a way, one can say that it is made of a case by case basis. With the list of information that exists, we have neither the means nor the human resources to do a systematic assessment. It is only possible to make a systematic assessment through the use of computer-based systems that allow in real-time to relate all the data about a taxpayer: the information statement Model 31 [income exempt, exempt from withholding or at a reduced rate], the Model 39 [wikipedia liberatórias] and the data of the Model 3 of the IRS. So, we had the global picture of income and "wealth" of each contributor, for upon this analysis, assign or exemption from IMI for a low income.

The data to which the report relates relating to 2012 and 2013. However measures have been introduced to improve the computer system to detect any irregularities?
Who may be able to respond fully is the Directorate-General of the OT or the secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs. It seems to us that it has been made any change since 2013 up to this point.

THE IGF recommends that the service of the finances of the area of residence of these taxpayers to make the control, for the assignment or cancellation of the exemption. Currently, where part of this decision, it is not the local service of the OT?
it Is local service, but once again stumbled in the computer platform. If anyone who is in the service, particularly in the area of heritage, you have access via computer to all these elements, and they are related to departure, this allows you to gather the data all to be given the information necessary to decide the assignment of the tax exemption]. For example, if a taxpayer goes to the desk, [the employee] analyzes the data of the taxpayer, but only based on the declaration Model 3 and the equity value that has in its name. A vision much more real to the capacity property of the taxpayer allowed at the outset to err much less.

In the proposed OE 2017, the Government says he has made an estimate of the tax expenditure of the State. Think that there are exemptions in the IMI should be reponderadas?
There are situations, but are of another order [without passing by taxpayers with low incomes]. There are abuses in certain types of exemptions equity, namely the financial institutions and real estate, on which can work best for there is more equity and more justice at this level. Another area where the scheme can be improved has to do with the heritage rustic that has associated production but values [property] absolutely ridiculous.


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