Friday, October 14, 2016

US launches augmented reality on tv, and anticipate the entertainment of the future – Leak

THE US launches its app online TV for the HoloLens from Microsoft, and becomes the first operator in Portugal to provide television content in augmented reality.

from tomorrow, customers will be able to enjoy a television experience unique through the new world of augmented reality.

customers IN The, with the glasses holographic developed by Microsoft, will be able to use the ON TV taking advantage of his line of vision to put windows service where you want to be, and so create and enjoy an experience of interaction with the tv is still the most personalized and immersive. From tomorrow, the US TV is available in the App Store HoloLens to free download.

The concept of augmented reality corresponds to the interaction and integration, with the use of a camera and specific software, the contents of the virtual world with the real world, with a strong component of interactive, in the style of movies such as "Minority Report" which featured a futuristic vision of the world. Augmented reality is the future of entertainment but it was now in Portugal through US.

In the case of the US TV, the user can design the content you see on the TV online on the environment where you are doing this experiment. For example, you can make your morning run next to president Frank’s "House of Cards" or turn your living room into a theater of battle in the "War of Thrones".


IN the TV is the TV application Online from the US that was designed and developed from scratch for multidevice with the goal of creating an experience of common use and the harmonious, either if you go through the box, from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

THE US TV has over 90 channels, with the features Restart TV and Automatic Recording, and can be synchronized with the user profile of the tv, optimizing the experience of recommendations and the exploration of content through the interaction automatically and intelligently between the tv and the tablet.

in Addition, the user can decide at any moment where you want to see or continue to see, through of the new features "Send to TV" and "Continue to see", available on US TV. These options allow you to "send" to the TV content that you are viewing on your PC, tablet or smartphone, or to continue to see the content that you are viewing on the tv in one of these three devices without losing context.

The augmented reality experience ON TV can be shared simultaneously by multiple users who can interact in the same environment and is available to customers IN registered in the US TV, in services and Irises.

This is a further step to consolidate its position as operator convergent, sensitive to the needs of a client in constant motion, which provides the same quality experience on the access to all your content, on any device.


ON the TV was today presented in the environment HoloLens during the conference "Diretions 2016", promoted by the IDC, under the motto "the Digital Transformation at Scale – Innnotion in the Changeg the World".


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