Friday, October 7, 2016

What to know about the ‘secret talks’ Facebook Messenger –

what to know about the 'secret talks'  Facebook Messenger

The secret chat conversations from the Facebook Messenger are available to all. What you need to know?

what are the ‘secret talks’ of Facebook that everyone talks about lately?

1. The secret talks came to Facebook Messenger in July.

The first thing to know is that are already available since July of this year, having been released gradually to users – but it was in October of 2016 that the feature has officially been passed over to be accessible to all users of the Facebook Messenger.

This means that everyone can have secret talks with the utmost privacy possible. These conversations, however, can only be read – and ongoing – in appliances where they were assumed as ‘secret’. Ie: if you enable a secret conversation on your phone, you will only be able to access the conversation on your phone; if you try to access the same conversation on a computer, the conversation will not appear available.

The feature is also only available for individual conversations, and is not available for group chats.

we Remind that WhatsApp now also offers more privacy in the conversations of its users. The system, however, is different from Facebook Messenger – WhatsApp is designed to work only on a single device, while the Facebook Messenger gets the conversations on the servers of Facebook.

Secret chat Conversations Facebook Messenger

2. How they work the secret chat conversations in Facebook Messenger?

A ‘secret conversation’ is a conversation that can only be read on that device. Do not appear neither in the site of Facebook, or in devices different from those in which it was initiated.

Enable the option of ‘secret conversation’ in the Facebook Messenger will start the protocol for encrypted communication who will be responsible for shuffling the conversations – making them harder to read by intermediaries are not involved. Not even the Facebook you access to the content of these conversations. This signal is only ‘cleared’ when it reaches the recipient, thus allowing the conversation to proceed normally.

3. How to enable the ‘secret talks’ on Facebook Messenger?

Both on Android as on iOS, the activation process is similar. Editorial Note: remember, once more, that the secret talks can be read only on the devices where they are enabled.

1) In Android between in the conversation window that you want to become the secret; in the upper right corner click on the “i” and in there choose the option ‘secret conversation’.

2) On iOS click on the name of the contact (available at the top of the window) and then select the option ‘secret conversation’.


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