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iPhone 7 debut new way to warn you that the Home button gave the problem –

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus brought a new button “Home” – one that goes back to the home screen of the smartphone. After a few weeks of the start of sales of the new phones on the exterior, consumers have realized that the Apple also added a new way to warn you that the button is the problem and need to go through technical assistance. A message, automatically added by iOS 10, states that the consultation of a specialist is required. The system also puts a Home button virtual floating on the screen.

How to get back the lock screen of the iPhone with iOS 10 to the old format

The innovation was perceived by a reader of site MacRumors, specialized in news about Apple. In the report it appears that the iPhone 7 was with the screen all black while it was charging in the outlet. Then, the user tried to use the Home button, but it presented a vibration intermittent. Finally, the system itself reported that “The Home button may need service” message (in English, in free translation). The message further stated that “in the meantime, you can use the Home button virtual below”.

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The lock screen of the iPhone has undergone a repagination with the arrival of iOS 10, to take better advantage of the sensor that knows when the smartphone will be used. The change in visual has arrived for both the iPhones new as the older models, through an update in the software.

Already in the case of the iPhone 7, the novelty is due to the technology created by Apple for the Home button. He is not mechanical; rather, it is a sensor touchscreen display that did not allow to be “pushed” to the back. The company has a vibration motor that simulates the “click” and it also took the output audio P2 (3.5 mm) on the latest model.

there are No reports of the new warning button problem on earlier models of phone, such as the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S.

Prospective buyers of the iPhone 7 will find that the Home button cannot be pressed when the smartphone is turned off. The change is part of a strategy of Apple to renew the hardware of your phone premium, as well as to reduce the problems – as-recurring – button mobile phones launched previously. Not by chance, the step by step on how to use the iPhone with Home button broken makes as much success.

Apple announced the iPhone 7 in September of this year. The smartphone is on sale in the United States for$ 649, which gives approximately R$ 2.080 by the exchange today, in a value without taxes and fees. It is not yet known when it will begin sales of the model and the 7 Plus in Brazil. The price for the domestic market also is not known.

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Via MacRumors and The Verge


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