Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Google launches smartphone with a personal assistant, and unlimited storage – Public.en

The integration of the personal assistant by Google the Assistant, and the possibility of unlimited storage of videos and photos through the use of the Google Cloud are the highlights of the Pixel, which is already available for pre-order in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Germany. There is, for now, information about availability in Portugal. The price in the north american market, is 649 dollars (579 euros).

the appearance of The Pixel, presented this Tuesday in san Francisco, in the United States, it is not surprising. First, because the images of the smartphone 5-and 5.5-inch circulating since Monday when, inadvertently, a chain of stores british the released in an advertising campaign. In the second place, because it seems to be difficult to reinvent the wheel in 2016: viewed from the outside, the smartphone from Google, available in black, silver or blue, is not radically different from that of iPhone 7 from Apple or the Galaxy S7 from Samsung.

the arguments of The Google are other. In terms of hardware, the camera Pixel, 12 megapixel, receives 89 points for the classification of consultant DXOMark – the highest amount ever in a smartphone, against the 86 in the iPhone 7. The battery can be recharged with 7 hours of power in just 15 minutes, and the Pixel is compatible with the new virtual reality glasses from Google, the Daydream VR.

The real novelty, however, is the integration of the Assistant, said the personal assistant of Google. It is a kind of Siri? It is, but with the advantage of to consolidate the whole universe of Google services (maps, YouTube, passing by the search engine) in a single application enabled by voice commands. Ask to the Pixel to find a photo, verify that the concerts are scheduled for the pavilion that is in the picture, to see that there are restaurants in the immediate vicinity, share the information with a friend and book a table for dinner before the show were some of the possibilities demonstrated in the presentation in san Francisco. The Assistant, says Google, has capabilities, evolutionary and artificial intelligence will extend through the interaction with the user, and query the Knowledge Graph, the gigantic database of the search engine.

The Pixel, sold the Android operating system Nougat, brings also integrated with the Duo, the more recent application of video call from Google, that allows you to contact someone without having a phone number (just a Google account) and see the face of who is calling even before answering the call – a peek through the keyhole that Google calls knock knock.

in A presentation with constant references and comparisons to rival Apple, Google sold the possibility of unlimited storage of images in the Google Cloud showing an alert screen full memory of the iPhone – “they will not see this” – and he underlined a characteristic that, until the recent presentation of the iPhone 7, is of little relevance would be: the Pixel allows connecting a wired headset (the iPhone 7, without an adapter, not). And there is an application to facilitate the migration of files, contacts and messages (including iMessages) from another mobile operating system to the Pixel.

in addition To the Pixel, the Assistant comes to life in another Google product displayed in California. The Home, an object that is cylindrical, like a column of sound, comes to compete with the Echo from the Amazon and offers the same functions as a personal assistant present in the Google smartphone through voice commands, it is possible to put a song playing, a question to the search engine, scheduling alarms and control other appliances connected to the internet.


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