Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Google forgive a debt of 100 thousand euros to 12 year old child – Public.en

his dream was to become a star of YouTube and enrich the account of the video that you put online and advertising that they were associated with. But the only account that appeared in the house of the small José Javier, age 12, in Torrevieja, in the Spanish province of Alicante, was in the opposite direction, to charge a total of very near 100 thousand euros for the advertising that you asked Google to insert in your videos.

Recapitulemos: Jose Javier is a young man of 12 years, and as many of your age, if you wonder with the news about their idols youtubers: charge thousands of euros every day, accumulate millions of views and followers, they become stars of tv and music. All with the largest of the room.

Despite his age, José plays in a music band from your city called Los Salerosos and used to publish videos with the recordings of its performances on YouTube. In the many hours spent this Summer in front of the computer with a friend of the same age, Joseph subscribed to a Google service that he thought that I could give him money for the views that your videos had, and the publicity that they appeared.

But, in reality, it was the opposite. While he thought that was to charge Google for the ads associated with your videos, in fact the company was charging you for the orders insertion of advertising on their videos. The account has been accumulating since mid-August, until you reach the near 100 thousand euros at the end of September.

"I Thought I was making money and not the other way around," says the mother, Inma Quesada, quoted by the El país, adding that the boy "wanted to buy instruments for the band and things like that, and besides, the friend also told you that if you were rich you could buy a mansion".

The scenario seemed to dream in the ears of Joseph, especially taking into account that has two more brothers, his mother is unemployed and the father is a hawker. And then to give the number of a bank account, that the family had opened to join the savings and pay, in the future, among other things, the licence, was an instant. Of the 15 euros of the beginning of the service to 19.700 euros was a moment while the debt grew, swallowing quickly the 2000 euros that were deposited into the account.

it Was the balance in the red alive that the parents have blocked the account and returned the receipts to Google with the arguments drafted by a lawyer, but after that you still got a portion of the weight coming from the multinational internet: 78 thousand euros.

If Joseph sees the subject with the lightness of the age – the mother says that "it seems that he does not appreciate" the severity of what he did, the parents are much more concerned, resorted to a computer to see how Google has acted in this process, they hired a lawyer and now expect that the arguments that the son was mistaken to be accepted.

But it all ended for the best. According to the news, the El mundo, citing statements from a representative of the company to the Europa Press, Google has decided to cancel the debt of 100 thousand euros. “We have reviewed the case and we do not get paid by this user,” he said. The company took the opportunity to remind you that the service used by the Spanish child has an age limit, and advises families to learn how to restrict the access.


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