Friday, October 7, 2016

Overwatch: At least two new heroes are being tested – IGN Portugal

The game director of Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, has revealed that at least two new heroes for the game are currently in different phases of testing, as well as a new map and several concepts for new modes.

“your position regarding actively work on more heroes at this time,” explained Kaplan in a new update video production. “A hero is still very far away. Is going very well – your position regarding the test it for the whole company, but we believed that another hero will see the light of day very soon.”

Quite possibly, this hero that will be coming will be the Shadow, the character in the center of the alternate reality game (ARG) that Blizzard has made available. The website The Moment In Crime, associated with the ARG, seems to be doing a kind of count dwindling to its revelation, being of the opinion that this ad can be done within 12 days.

“we Have yet another prototype of the hero with which position regarding extremely pleased in this moment,” continues Kaplan. “This is still in their infancy, it is the best way that I can describe. Your position regarding the use of templates, effects and animations just for you, to prove how fun is the hero.

“But we feel that we have found another hero truly spectacular, that you may come maybe next year. For this lack more time.”

Currently, the content updates of Overwatch is to reach a ratio of one per month. Many expect that in October, conducted a Halloween event, in the style of the Summer Games in August, perhaps with the Shadow to see your presentation deferred to the Blizzcon, in November.

Kaplan also spoke about new modes, explaining that the four maps prototypes are currently in the experimental phase – although to make it very clear that it is unlikely that all of them reach to the general public.

“your position regarding very enthusiastic and actively explore the work in other game modes, and, with them, you will get new maps [...] I Hope that at least some of these maps see the light of day. It will take more time than the other things, but it is something for which the team has great passion, and who wants to see more.”

Finally, Kaplan discussed yet the character Symmetra, in respect of the concerns that she may be too situational, and, as a result, little used.

Kaplan says the team is exploring “other things that may be a little dramatic” with the objective to make it more viable – including being able to be played on Offense, something that is not seen, at this stage, with very good eyes.

Despite this, there is a change that Kaplan and his team are not going to do so soon:

“There is a lot of pressure for Symmetra is something that is not [...] No position regarding the interested parties, at this time, in exploring Symmetra as a Healer. If this mean that we will have to move the category’s Support, we prefer to do this than to completely change the design of the character to something that was never our goal.”

Given the scale of the changes that can be made, Kaplan says that the sooner that we can see a Symmetra changed will be in mid-November, but can happen much later.

However, some of the heroes of Overwatch are taking their skills to other games of the company.

Abilio Rodrigus [of Rivia] is the editor technology of IGN Portugal, I confess lover of music, an enthusiast of gaming on the PC and the Champion of Europe of Football. You can follow him at @KaikaneTR

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