Monday, October 17, 2016

iPhone 7: did you Know that the iOS 10 has an alternative to the home button? – EN official Journal of the

ios_10_botao_home_virtualThe home button has always been of the things that broke in all versions of the iPhone, without exception. After so many complaints on the part of the users, Apple seems to have look at this, by finding a solution.

On the iPhone 7 will no longer have this problem. It seems that there is a function in iOS 10 that activates a button home virtual always that the physique stops responding. It is the software itself that will detect the anomaly and activate the virtual button.

On the image that you can see below, the iOS 10, whenever it detects that the physical home button stops responding and activates the home button the virtual and shows him a message, where it says that the home button needs intervention.

"The home button may need to be serviced. In any case, you can use the home button available below on the screen".

This is very interesting, not only by the fact that the user does not become 'hung', but, also, by the fact that this feature of go counter to what should be expected in the next versions of the iPhone.

it Is well known that Apple wants to introduce in the future, equipment that occupies the largest possible area on the screen, eliminating all the edges possible, including those of the lower and upper part, where it is housed in the home button.

Now, with this virtual button feature in iOS 10, Apple might be already preparing for the future and develop a 'iPhone 8' or maybe a 'iPhone 7s' has no edge, with the entire area in front of the dedicated screen.


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