Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sales of new gasoline cars and diesel will be prohibited in Germany from 2030 – SAPO Tek

according To a story advanced by Der Spiegel on Saturday, the parliament German approved during this last week a resolution that will prevent the marketing of cars with internal combustion engines already from 2030.

The measure will meet the commitments of germany in the framework of the climate agreement signed in Paris under which Germany will, by 2050, reduce the CO2 emissions by 95%.

“If the agreement of Paris, to reduce the emissions of pollutants and global warming is taken seriously, there is no way to allow new cars with combustion engine on the roads after 2030,” said Oliver Krischer, the ecologist party The Greens.

In the wake of this decision, the parliamentarians of germany will now encourage other countries members of the European Union in order to achieve consensus on green policy for the future, such as tax incentives for electric vehicles. Of the 28, the Netherlands is one of the countries that have already showed interest in following this example.


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