Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What is still lacking to clarify about the wave of explosions from the Galaxy Note 7 –

Samsung has made a second recall of all units already sold of the smartphone Galaxy Note 7, an unprecedented disaster for the manufacturer of the Korean electronics and the sector of mobile phones as a whole.

there have been recalls in the past for problems with the battery of devices. Nokia, for example, urged in 2007 that consumers were returning the 46 million batteries at risk of overheating of the parts, but, as the battery could be removed, it was not necessary to end a line of mobile phones successful.

“Stop to use the device, make a backup copy of your data and shut down,” reported the Samsung to the owners of the Note 7 after the confirmation of the interruption of the production of the instrument, which is motivated by records of fire with the smartphone.

Users will be able to receive the money back or replace the smartphone by the Galaxy models S7 or S7 Edge, in addition to receiving part of the amount paid on the purchase of the Note 7.

But several questions remain unanswered.

Why the devices are catching on fire?
When Samsung has instituted a recall early last month, the company indicated that the cause was a problem in the battery cell.

A report sent by the firm, the organs regulators was more specific, saying that a fault in production meant that some batteries were slightly larger than they should, putting more pressure on them to be inserted in the phones, according to a document released by the news agency Bloomberg.

the blame for The problem has been assigned to the parts manufacturer, Samsung SDI, and it should have been resolved by replacing the defective batteries by new ones made by the company in ATL.

what Happens is that a variety of phones this also leads superaqueceram – it is not clear, therefore, if the original diagnosis was correct.

According to the newspaper “The New York Times”, the engineers at Samsung never managed to make the phones explode when they try to re-create the failure.

“We are working with regulators to investigate the recent cases involving the Galaxy Note 7,” said Samsung in the only comment made by a spokesperson of the company on the subject.

how Many Note 7 were manufactured and how many exploded?
Samsung has not yet revealed how many Note 7 were manufactured before stop of production.

On September 2, the company said that 2.5 million devices were subject to the recall starting. On 27 September, added that more than 60% of these phones sold in South Korea and the United States had been replaced by new phones.

These two countries account for most of the smartphones sold – only about 50 thousand were purchased in Europe.

And the Note 7 is only returned to be sold for a short period to new customers in South Korea last week.

All this brought together makes for a an approximate total of 4 million units.

The british consultancy IHS had originally anticipated that about 6 million Note 7 had been manufactured – if everything had gone according to the plans of Samsung.

But it is not clear how many exactly superaqueceram. Samsung claims to have received “35 notifications” when did the first recall, and there have been seven reports in the media on devices that had already been replaced and that had the same problem.

what will happen now with all the devices?
Samsung has said that it will take “all measures” to get back the devices. For now, this means send e-mails and alerts to registered users.

At the time of the recall the original, the company also released a software update for the device that prevented the batteries to be recharged completely.

it is Speculated that other restrictions or a complete blockage of the phone – are imposed on those who refuse to return the cell phone.

there is Still the question about what Samsung will do with the large amount of smartphones that are returned. A spokesman refused to say whether they would be dismantled for reuse of parts in other products.

But a group of defense of the environment has required the company to act with responsibility.

“cell Phones have valuable materials and precious in its interior, and the mining of them can cause environmental damage significant – and this can happen often in exploitative working conditions in developing countries”, said the director of policy of Friends of the Earth, Mike Childs.

“All phones should be recycled at the end of its useful life or when being returned for technical problems. The environment should not suffer for the mistakes of manufacturers of mobile phones.”

The owners of the devices will be offset by the accessories that they bought for the phone?
Many consumers have purchased the covers, keypads, lenses, pens, and spare batteries for your Note 7. A spokesman of Samsung said that even discusses with the stores the possible coverage of these costs.

Some owners of devices if you are questioning if you will receive money for returning a device of virtual reality, the Gear VR, which came along with the smartphone if it was bought before it was released – it costs$ 400 in the United States if purchased separately.

The spokesman said that the company regarded this item as a “gift”, but not one would turn them down to provide an extra compensation for it.

The Samsung can go back to having devices with a removable battery?
The line of phones Galaxy to be distinguished from iPhones of Apple to allow the opening, by the users, the rear part of the apparatus for changing the battery.

But most recent releases such as the S6 and the Note 5 have changed it, which helped make the phone be more compact and water-resistant.

Some people have pointed out that the current problem could have been avoided if this change had not occurred.

And it is important to note that the rival of Samsung, LG, included a removable battery in their two models of the tip.

it is No surprise that Samsung refuses to comment on the design of devices in the future, but a specialist said that all manufacturers will revise their plans.

“The modern smartphones consume a lot of energy, have larger screens and with better resolution, faster processors and connection to the 4G -but also there is greater pressure to keep them compact and, at the same time, allowing them to be recharged more quickly,” said Ian Fogg, from the IHS.

“Are demands that compete among themselves. The whole world will be keeping an eye on the next releases and to ask their teams of engineering to revise the way in which they are loaded, and how the batteries work to ensure that you do not have a problem like that. And Samsung will have a special care with its new models, since it is possible to have some items of design used in the Note 7.”


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