Wednesday, October 5, 2016

12 years old boy spends by deceit 100 thousand euros in ads on Google –

Google has recognized this Wednesday (5) that a Spanish boy of 12 years old made a mistake to spend 100 thousand euros to hire online advertising in order to promote your band on YouTube. The company forgave the debt of the child the equivalent of US$ 112 thousand.

José Javier, a student of Torrevieja, province of Alicante (eastern Spanish), created in August an account in AdWords, the advertising platform online from Google. He wanted to earn money with videos of his band on YouTube, but ended up just buying advertising space.

On Wednesday, Google, the owner of the video platform YouTube, said in a note that he had not “received the money by this user” and cancelled the “debt pending AdWords”. The press release did not present the reason of the suspension of the debt.

A source from Google said, however, that the company understands that “it was all a mistake, that [Javier] did it unconsciously”. “a 12 years old boy does not want to spend 100 thousand euros,” he added.

The tool AdWords allows you to develop a campaign on the internet to insert advertising content from pages such as YouTube. Only that the user needs to be of legal age to create an account.

“[He] thought that I was earning money, and not the contrary (…) and wanted to buy instruments [for the band in which you play the trumpet, Los Salerosos],” said Inma Quesada, the mother of José Javier, to the newspaper “El país”.

The young man associated the AdWords a bank account in your name, opened by his family so that he would spare his money. The parents were alarmed when the bank phoned to inform of the charges.

The source of Google indicated to have no knowledge of what has occurred before a case like this in Spain.


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