Sunday, October 16, 2016

Videos on Facebook will go on TV – TomarNoticias

With this, users will be able to watch the videos from the social network directly on the TV. Now, it is possible to stream videos from Facebook on Chromecast, Apple TV or Smart TV.

While the video is on television, you will be able to interact using the reactions and comments in real time on the screen, or to continue using Facebook, and even read your feed news and browse other videos.

Okay, bad play on the cell phone? This new feature is already accessible, to try it out just open a video on Facebook and then click on the symbol of the TV in the upper right corner, and choose which equipment you want to see the content. Then, select the device for which you want to send the video. There, the transmission will automatically be made via streaming for the selected device. The Facebook announced that the feature is already available for iOS users and of the website in the to desktops, excluding, for the while, Android users.


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