Google Flights, available in Portugal since March of this year, is a search service that lets you find flights to any destination. Like other platforms (Skyscanner, Momondo…), Google Flights gathers data from multiple airlines and online stores, and gives the user a list of results with the best prices.

The prices of air travel are relatively unstable on the internet. A ticket a day could cost a value that is sympathetic to our portfolio may increase, from one moment to the other. That thou be not caught off guard, Google Flights now has an alert system.

The platform will warn you not only when a flight on which you are interested may be about to increase in price or when a particular fare is on the verge of expire, based on the history of this route. This way, you can decide to hurry up the booking or leave it for later. If you’re searching for flights to a destination, without having specified one, Google Flights will give you recommendations of the dates on which the prices will be lower, or airports alternative.


you Can still use Google Flights to certain flights or routes, receiving notifications of price conveniently through e-mail.


The Google Flights does not have an app dedicated being available on computers and mobile phones through the address The new features will arrive within weeks.