Friday, October 7, 2016

Video: secret Talks come to Messenger of Facebook – EN official Journal of the

The Messenger Facebook now has a tool that allows you to secret talks between the users. Learn how to take advantage of this feature.

privacy does not exist on the internet, where social networks connect us to all… the network. But there are ways to make eavesdropping more difficult.

The Messenger, of Facebook, is the most recent application of conversation to strengthen the encryption of the messages, and now it is possible to have secret talks with one party.

According to the company, not even Facebook can have access to the contents of a secret conversation, because the message is encrypted as soon as it leaves the mobile device (smartphone or tablet) of the issuer, and the process is aborted when the message enters the mobile device of the receiver.

The tool works on both devices with the Android system as in the that use the iOS.

The option of secret chat conversations is available in the function 'i' in the top right corner of the menu.

choose 'Secret Conversation', the Messenger will alert the user that messages are accessible only on the device on which the application is to be used.

"you Can decide if these messages disappear and you can conversations some time after they had disappeared", refer to the instructions.

This functionality allows you to change text and images or 'stickers'), but not videos or gifs.


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