Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Uber already allows you to schedule trips – JournalOleme

there are No complications on the new feature that allows you to select an Uber in advance.

The Uber is a company that has innovated the way we use public transport, and more precisely taxis.

The new feature will meet the demands of the users of the platform Uber and is available for travel in Lisbon and in Porto. The responsible adds that, “sometimes it is important to have the security and peace of mind that your Uber will be ready when you need to leave“.

Rui Bento, director-general of the Uber in Portugal, said: “this was a feature there is much-requested by our users, especially those who choose the Uber to travel for work, and so we are very excited to bring it to the Portuguese cities”.

For now, only you can make schedules with the option uberX. You can make a reservation with a minimum of 15 minutes and maximum of 30 days, so that you have an Uber to expect when it is time to leave, and do not be surprised by the unavailability of the vehicles. The company of private transport already allows you to schedule trips, so that passengers have a car available at the time you need and without delays.

At any time, up to the driver to be on the way, the trip can be cancelled.

we’ll Send you notifications reminding you of the scheduled trip with 24 hours, and still, with 30 minutes in advance of the same. Receive an alert when the driver is on the way, and if applicable any type of rate dynamics.


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