Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Chrome 55 will consume 50% less RAM memory – Follow

If the browser Google Chrome is fantastic so know that soon you’ll be even better. In accordance with a promise from Google itself, version 55 will consume less than 50% of the system memory (RAM).

Google Chrome 55 will arrive in December! In how will Chrome be able to reduce the memory consumption by 50%?


Google Chrome is a browser more popular, but it is also one of the more resources it consumes. In version 45 and Google has managed to drastically reduce the RAM memory usage but users are still dissatisfied at this level.

according To recent information, the company’s research, the Chrome 55 will come with a new Javascript engine which will make the browser much more efficient and faster. According to the tests already carried out, using Chrome 55 on sites like the New York Times, Reddit, and YouTube, the RAM usage is 50% less when they used the Chrome 53.


This new version is scheduled to reach users already on the 6th of December and will no doubt be a great novelty for those who like to have many tabs opened.


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