Monday, October 3, 2016

It is already possible to schedule trips on Uber in Portugal – Portal Technology


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Uber is a company that has innovated the way we use public transport, and more precisely taxis. Now launches a feature in Portugal, the schedules.

If you don’t know, Uber is a transport service similar to taxi, which allows you to request that a car come and pick you up a pair to take to a site, all done through an application for smartphones. The Uber both have innovation, of controversy in the whole world, and already there have been several problems in Portugal due to the application, but is already provided for the legalization of this type of services.

Now, the innovation that arrives at the Portuguese market is the possibility of scheduling an Uber, that is, indicate that within 1 hour you will need a Uber and, thus, at the time requested will be a car waiting for you. This new funcionaldiade allows you to schedule requests between 15 minutes up to 30 days.

So that you do not forget the request, during the time of "waiting", the app will send you notifications to remind you to take the Uber that she had asked. According to Rui Bento, director-general of Uber in Portugal, "This was a feature there is much-requested by our users, especially those who choose Uber to travel for work, and so we are very excited to bring it to the Portuguese cities".

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