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Android brand-new and the death of the Nexus: what to expect from the new phone from Google – UOL

The year of 2016 was full of new nomenclatures in the telephony market. Lenovo has brought the line Bike Z, Sony came up with Xperia XZ and until Apple created a line of “intermediate luxury”, the iPhone. Should Google confirm the rumors at its event this Tuesday (4), it will kill your line Nexus and give you a warm welcome to the mobile Pixel.

The biggest expectation is to bring a new Android, the 7.1. The possibility to cause surprise, since Android 7.0 was announced in may and the mobile phones of the line Nexus received the (then) new system only in August.

in Addition to the line Nexus, only the newly-launched mobile phone top of the line LG, the V20, brings Android 7.0 until now.

Nexus is a line produced since 2010 by Google itself in partnership with other manufacturers. The apparatus brought good specifications and prices a little below average (on the outside). But the most important thing: the Nexus were the “home” version more pure form of Android.

In other brands, such as Samsung, Sony and LG, the operating system from Google always passes through modifications of visual and features –this process generates several Androids tailored to the needs of each company, also called “skins”.

it is not Yet clear if the new line Pixel will continue to come with the pure Android like they did the Nexus. The two models coproduced with the manufacturer HTC –which does not act more in Brazil– should they call the Pixel and the Pixel XL, the second leak of the journalist Evan Blass, of the website “Venture Beat”.

Disclosure LG V20, the first smartphone from a major manufacturer to come with Android 7.0

What Android new?

Who released the rumor about a new Android was a developer from Google that saw the information on the page of a company dedicated to the faults and errors of the apps of the operating system.

“It appears when you open the page of a particular application and filter by Android version,” he said at the forum “Reddit”, when you show a screen shot with a menu that showed the 7.1 version.

But if there is a Android 7.1, that he would bring? No one knows. It may just be an update of security details and small adjustments or come up with new features for users.

However, this last possibility is a little more remote, since the company still has not managed to sell the right version 7.0 (codenamed Nougat) from that of the other manufacturers.

The Android 7.0 brought more emojis, a new area of the quick settings (which is at the top of the screen), interface, multi-window, battery more intelligent, and encryption for protection of personal files, among other resources.

Disclosure Nexus 5X and 6P, the last smartphones launched by Google

Nexus to the Pixel

The rumors about the end of the line Nexus emerged about a month ago. With the leak of the models Pixel and Pixel XL, the rumor has gained strength. First to show images of the devices (and which illustrate the top of this news), the journalist Evan Blass is known for having a great deal of hits to advance information about future releases.

The site Android Police has anticipated the possible specifications of the two smartphones. The Pixel you should bring a 5 inch screen Full HD, processor quad-core 2.0 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB of storage, battery 2.770 mAh battery and cameras of 12 MP (rear) & 8 MP (front).

as for the Pixel XL will be almost the same, with the difference of the larger screen –5.5 inches, resolution Quad-HD– and larger battery of 3.450 mAh.

the price of The model Pixel would start at$ 649 (R$ 2.100 in the direct conversion, without taxes); the XL would be more expensive, but there is until now an estimate of the price.

The last cell of the line Nexus that came to Brazil was the Nexus 5, cofabricado by LG in 2014. Already the latest smartphone line, the Nexus 5X and the 6P, came out in September of last year out there.

The first device from Google with the name “Pixel” was the tablet Pixel C, released at the end of 2015. It came with a screen of 10.2 inches, camera of 8 MP (rear) and 2 MP (front), 3 GB of RAM and internal storage options of 32 GB and 64 GB. In the U.S., costing from US$ 499 (about R$ 1.900 in exchange of the time).

Disclosure Tablet Pixel C, Google

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