Thursday, September 29, 2016

Volkswagen r & d is the electric to run up to 600 km – the Earth Brazil

have You followed here at CAR ONLINE the campaign from Volkswagen for the launch of its brand new hatch electric, that promises to “revolutionize” the industry like he did the Beetle for 70 years. This Thursday (29), at the Salon of Paris, the germans finally revealed the news. Called ID, the compact is the product of the new modular architecture for electrical company, has 170 hp of power, autonomy up to 600 km and driving technology, fully stand-alone.

Volkswagen ID, he made his debut in  the Salão de Paris

The projection that we disclose the ID in the last week not fled far from the reality. The hatch debut a new design language for the brand, which will certainly be exclusive to the new electric models that Volkswagen will produce. In the case of ID, the car that mixes elements of hatchback and mini-van is possible thanks to the platform MEB, which takes advantage of the setting flat battery (installed in floor) to take best advantage of the vehicle’s interior.

Hall of Paris: see the gallery of attractions

According to the manufacturer, the ID measures 4,10 m long, 1.80 m wide, 1.53 m tall and good 2.75 m between axes thanks to the balance sheets smaller (the distance between the axle and the bumper stickers).

Architecture MEB allows better use of  the espaço internal

With this architecture, Volkswagen can apply what he calls the cabin Open Space, that is, a interior is largely spacious, with four individual seats, with the rear of the arms and modular. The cabin of the ID, in fact, reserve all the news that the company want to enter in the market already from 2020, when the car should be produced. The main highlight are the sides of the door, which, according to Volkswagen, will serve as an extension of the commands of the car, as it stayed with touchscreens, with the possibility of controlling functions of the automobile.

Reality increases é one of the  main highlights of the concept

Another technical highlight of the car is augmented reality. Volkswagen has decided to go beyond the head-up display, and has developed a technology that, instead of simply projecting information on the windshield, makes it to the front of the car, as shown in the image above. The idea is to exploit the windshield integer as an extender of the reality of the driver.

Função autônoma  até collect the wheel from the driver

Still on technology, the German signs available on the market, as soon as 2025, a function completely autonomous of the ID, that up would gather the steering wheel from the driver to trigger the function ID Pilor when you press the logo of the brand in the center of the direction. With the wheel retracted, the intention is to further enlarge the internal space of the car. The ID will also have features that allow you to connect it with the functions of the house of the owner and end up with rear-view mirrors (which will be replaced by cameras whose images would be reproduced on monitors in the cabin of the vehicle).

Volkswagen ID beá sold from  2020

The Volkswagen r & d is driven by a battery of high voltage coupled to an electric motor of 170 hp. The company promises that 80% of the load of the battery is available in just a 30-minute cooldown (which can be done via the outlet or by induction). With the full load, the hatch you may have a range between 400 and 600 km, distances considerably more generous than the current reality of electric cars.

The expectation of the company is to sell one million cars in the world by 2025.


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