Monday, September 26, 2016

The first Smarts fixtures arrive in 2017 – the Portal of Technology


it Is already within 4 days at the Paris motor show will open its doors. One of the great innovations that we hope with enough curiosity is the presentation to 2017 of the new electric models of the Smart. In this case, the Fortwo, the Forfour and the power of emissions to 0.

in addition, a new model of the Smart will also be presented, the Forfour Ed (electric drive) that promises to 4 doors and the same seats. All models will be equipped with its electric version, and the power of 81cv and 61kW and 160Nm of torque.

Come then with these models, a li-ion battery with capacity of 17.6 kWh, which will allow the Smart a autonomy away from the outlet of 160km for the Fortwo ed and the least 5km, or is 155km to the versions Fortwo cabrio ed and Forfour ed. In just 2h30min the battery will be fully charged by now a new charger high performance.

However, the Smart will be available during the year 2017 a new charger ultra-fast that will allow you to through a three phase connection, the charging of the same battery in only 45 minutes.

As for maximum speeds and performance, we have now pointed to by the brand name, the 130km/h limited electronically and with acceleration of 0-100 between the 11segundos and 12.7 seconds depending on the model of the Smart.


The transmission now was delivered to Renault, providing a power saving mode allowing the driving much more efficient. Logically that in this mode, both the benefits as the maximum speed are something committed.

you can now also through an application’s own brand called Smart Control to the driver to check a distance, the battery charge level while the same is at charge and also the possibility of making a pre-air conditioning of the passenger compartment at the time of charging, thus leaving a greater autonomy of the vehicle for when this is in progress.

The smart electric drive also has and agreement with Smart, a kind of radar to be able to anticipate situations of transit, and with this power in the most efficient way to recover energy. In this system, we can also check the status of the batteries.

it Is commendable this attitude of the Smart because it is the only manufacturer in the world (except the Tesla) that has all of its range in the electric version.

Source: AutoWeek

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