Wednesday, September 28, 2016

License Pezão of the government of the RJ is extended until October 31 –

The governor of Rio, Luiz Fernando Pezão, had the medical license extended until the 31st of October, and not return to work in September as expected. The reason for the postponement, according to the medical team, is the “need for physical recovery of the side effects of chemotherapy”. In the next month, it will be submitted to the new expertise the medical.

Pezão is licensed in the position since the end of march to treat a cancer in the lymphatic system. He was diagnosed with a lymphoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer in the cells of the body’s defense. In may, he was hospitalized with a fever for the second time.

The diagnosis was revealed on the 24th of march. On the occasion, Pezão reported that would be, in principle, is 30 days out. Since then, the vice-governor Francisco Dornelles took over the government on an interim basis.

In may, he had already extended the license until July. According to doctors, it responds well to treatment, despite having admitted at other times after the initial high, to treat symptoms such as fever and skin infection.


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