Monday, September 26, 2016

Mercedes, Audi e BMW vão partilhar dados de trânsito – Turbo

you Will be presented this week a new service, with market entry expected in early 2017, which will allow drivers of Audi, BMW and Mercerdes usurfruir of the data obtained by the vehicles of its rivals premium. A demonstration of the potential of data sharing of cars, considered to be central to the evolution of the mobility and the introduction of autonomous vehicles, this service was developed by Here, a company of maps that belonged to Nokia, and that the "triumvirate premium German" bought in 2015. The advantage pointing to this new solution lies in the fact that not only offer data about the flow of traffic, but also warnings for potential dangers, such as fog, low-grip conditions of the floor, signs of transit with the recognition of speed limit variables and that, in the future, it may even indicate the capacity of car parks.

This is the first collaboration between Mercedes, Audi and BMW with the sharing of data since the acquisition of the Here, in the last year, and the expectation is that in 2018 are already millions of cars to provide information to the various drivers. In addition, the germanic expect more manufacturers to adopt the services of the company acquired from Nokia, which would help to make even more complete this digital map. Bruno Bourguet, sales manager of the Here, Here, Here, highlighted precisely the sharing of information as a key element of these new services, stating that "we have competing brands that are adding their data to create a unique service that was not possible before". To overcome opponents such as Google, Apple, Tesla and Tom-Tom in this field of sailing Here has an advantage, which is the much larger number of information sources that you use, because it has more cars on its platform and, in addition to data "conventional" obtained with the use of the cameras, sensors and location systems, it will still retrieve the records of the wiper to the windscreen, the brakes and lights of the car.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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