Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Interest in the purchase of Twitter takes actions to fire more than 26% in three days – Jornal de Negócios – Portugal

The news giving an account of the interest of companies like Google, Salesforce and Disney in the purchase of Twitter catapulted the actions of the social network in the stock market.

In Frankfurt, the securities of the company led by Jack Dorsey are the value 7,89% to 20.99 euros – the highest value since January – after several international media have revealed yesterday that Disney is considering moving forward with a purchase offer by the social network of micromensagens.

An evolution that elevates the ascent of the securities to 26,45% in just three days. And this is because the company had already valued 20,52% last Friday, after the CNN have advanced-Twitter you can receive “very soon” a formal offer of purchase.

on the market In new york, shares skyrocketed 21,42% in the last session of the last week and 3,32% on Monday, bringing to a total 25,44% cumulative gain in the last two days.


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