Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Vodafone launches new Smart Router for faster access to the Internet – Portal Technology


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the Smart Router is the newest member of the range of Vodafone Internet access equipment. This is the first router of the telecommunications company to offer Wi-Fi of the latest generation to residential customers and it offers the possibility to surf at speeds up to four times higher than the current generation allows.

Smart Router 2 the speed improvement is explained by the Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac with 5GHz frequency and intelligent management of spectrum radio waves. To manage this equipment, which allows the sharing of an Internet connection for a wide range of equipment, Vodafone launched the Smart Router app, which gives Android users the equipment for remote control of home Wi-Fi. (The version for iOS devices will come later).

To make the Internet service with better accessibility and security Vodafone developed for this Smart Router the possibility of creating an additional wireless network to only guest traffic, family or friends. The Wi-Fi Guest network is available to protect the privacy of the core network, since it can be configured in terms of available speed.

This equipment will be included in the current operator’s offer for new customers Tv Net Voz service offered by Vodafone

NOTE:.. to launch time news or the app or the Smart Router equipment were announced on the Vodafone site or in the Google Play Store application store

Source: Vodafone

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