Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Microsoft reveals technical details of the HoloLens processor – Portal Technology




HoloLens glasses promise to revolutionize the way we look at augmented reality, but may still be far from reaching the user. Microsoft decided to reveal the technical specifications of the processor.

If you have seen any of the video presentations of these innovative glasses Hololens, Microsoft certainly was surprised by the ability of this technology. Can you imagine putting the television to the house wall and whenever olahr allah pair, there is to the game of football that there “put”? This may be the future, but this technology needs good hardware and Microsoft revealed the especificça ~ eos processor techniques.

The processor is produced by TSMC and has the ability to perform a trillion calculations per second thanks to their cores 24, one core 24 to compare it with a phone processor. Yes, it is no coincidence that Microsoft calls the aThis “processor a” holographic processing unit. It has 8MB SRAM and 1GB of DDR3 RAM, which may seem short, but it is not.

All this processing power with a consumption of 10W, which means low energy consumption. To increase the expectation of future, Microsoft reveals that this Hololens processor simply takes advantage of 50% of its capacity, so imagine what it can do in the future with these glasses

. Source: The Register

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