Thursday, August 25, 2016

Government admits error in IUC exemption for disabled – TVI24

The Government accepts that there were errors in the application of the law on the exemption from Circulation Single Tax on vehicles for disabled , but ensures that the situation is already being resolved .

It was found, in some cases, a misapplication of the law, having been wrongly withdrawn the exemption [Circulation Single Tax - IUC] the taxpayers who should have received partial exemption. “

An official source of the Ministry of Finance told the Lusa that” instructions were given to correct these situations and stop the settlements until conditions are met for a correct application of the law. “

in the case of IUC which exceed EUR 200, no a loss of exemption, but a reduction of the same, [which means] the taxpayer only pays the IUC value exceeding 200 euros. “

for example, “if the car paid, for example, 220 EUR IUC, the amount payable is reduced to 20 euros,” indicates the protection.

As regards its clarification regarding the Journal News News which bills itself as the “Government takes exemption from IUC the disabled.” At issue is Article 5 of IUC Code, as amended by Decree-Law 41/2016, published on August 1 this year, which, according to the Government, brings “the benefits in headquarters this tax those that are granted in based ISV [vehicle tax], establishing a limit the level of CO2 emissions to 180gr / km, in category B vehicles, can not the exemption exceed the annual amount of 200 euros. “

according to the ministry of Mário Centeno, the values ​​that formed the basis for this legislative change, “allow safeguard the special needs of carriers taxpayers deficiency, excluding from the scope of the exemption only vehicles considered high displacement.”

in other words, “ is just concerned, for reasons of taxation, limit the scope of the exemption , not assigning a tax benefit on the part of the IUC corresponding to high price of vehicles or highly polluting “since” this support does not entail the exercise of social functions of the state. “

the Ministry of Finance point also that, taking into account these changes in the seat of IUC, 90% of vehicles are eligible for a total exemption, 8% of vehicles will have to pay IUC values ​​less than 50.61 euros (with a reduction of 200 euros) and only 2% of vehicles will have to pay IUC values ​​superior to that value.

the CDS-PP presented precisely today a request for parliamentary consideration for this ordinance again be discussed in the Parliament.

the party led by Asuncion ridges claims that the law introduces “changes to IUC exemptions for persons with disabilities equal to or greater than 60%, “which considers” unacceptable and intolerable “.

” the CDS supports that acts like this, that interfere with the main taxes that are charged in the country, can not be approved and published surreptitiously in the period of suspension of parliamentary proceedings, coinciding with the period in which most Portuguese citizens enjoy vacation. Changes of this importance should always be accompanied by a broad public debate and especially subject to parliamentary discussion “


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