Wednesday, August 24, 2016

iPhone 7 without input for headphones do not like the co-founder of Apple – SAPO Tek

The entry of removal to the next iPhone 7 headset is not an officially confirmed that, however, the number of rumors that have circulated about the equipment has strengthened the idea that there will not be the same space for traditional door 3, 5 mm.

the public feedback to this hypothesis has not been positive and now we know that even Steve Wozniak is pleased with the scenario.

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, Apple co-founder said that this decision “will leave many angry people.” Also, Wozniak did not confess a great lover of headsets and Bluetooth speakers considering that technology adversely affects the sound quality. If you can choose, the entrepreneur has no doubt that will choose an option that is able to connect through the Lightning entry, although considering that the future will be done with entries … USB-C.

“One of my favorite Android phone is the Nexus 5C that uses this type of connection. in my opinion delivers a higher level of performance. I think USB-C will be the future,” said the developer, adding that will advised to Apple to give up the integration of a possible magnetic connector in its future smartphones and replace it with one of these ports.

Remember that the justifications that have been found to support this new feature are purely aesthetic and they claim that the company intends to build a finer equipment than is now possible. The solution seems to pass by removing the entry for headphones, but until next September 7th, nothing is official.


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