Thursday, August 25, 2016

This is the first taxi without driver – TSF Online

A taxi without taxi that takes you anywhere. It is the proposal of the US company nuTonomy which begins this Thursday the first public tests with passengers in Singapore.

driverless taxis are Renaults and electric Mitsubishis, equipped with the software developed by nuTonomy (which includes, for example, cameras that read the luminous traffic signs), tells Reuters .

the vehicle is being tested since April but this is the first time that circulate in public with passengers. The car drives alone but for now, is accompanied by a prepared engineer to take control of the vehicle, if necessary.

For now, the service is reserved to a small group of people who did download em> app of nuTonomy.

the company has partnered with the government of Singapore, a city which is very expensive to have car and where the taxi is a cheaper alternative used by many people.

the forecasts are that the service will be open to the public in 2018, with over 100 taxis in circulation through the streets.

idea of ​​cars that drive themselves is not new, but there is now a wave of companies to move towards making it a service to the public -. such as Volvo, which has announced an alliance with Uber to a similar design


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