Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cool a drink in 45 seconds with new technology - Digital Journal

During the summer many yearn for a cold drink. But what your financial and environmental cost? The Rapidcool is an innovative project supported by the research fund of the European Union which aims to reduce energy consumption in cooling drinks at point of sale, saving money traders and reducing environmental impact.

The result is a rapid cooling technology with low power consumption, enabling drinks Lunches are stored at room temperature and chilled in less than a minute.

Across Europe, it is estimated that the combined commercial fridge / freezer consume 85 TWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the energy needs of 20 million households.

Rapidcool developed a device for cooling bottled beverages and up to 4 ° C in 45 seconds or less. The results translate into 80% energy saving compared to some standard refrigerators with open showcase, and 54% savings in refrigerators glass door (values ??based on cooling 200 x 500ml cans per day). The potential savings in electricity costs amounts to € 832 per refrigerator per year compared to open showcase coolers and 219 € in respect of refrigerators glass door (considering the price of electricity to 0.20 euros / kWh).

Kelvin Hall, founder of Enviro-Cool Limited, said: “The EU funding has enabled us to develop Rapidcool as a substitute for equipment with high energy costs, such as beverage coolers multiprateleiras with showrooms open. We pride ourselves on being able to contribute to the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases worldwide, through a revolutionary sustainable technology, and we intend to continue to develop the product for both commercial use and for domestic use. We have had considerable interest from Asia and North America and now we want to bring this new technology to all European distribution channels. “

For years, multinational companies have been reaching technology rapidly chilling drinks without reaching the results of Rapidcool. This concept was developed by the British company Enviro-Cool Limited which received funding of € 903,000 to support progress from concept through to commercial production. The result is a technology that achieves energy efficiency and times of ultrafast overcooling.

Michael Jennings, spokesman for the European Commission for Research, Innovation and Science, said: “This is a product that will preserve the financial resources of the business, the environment and create jobs. The Commission undertook to strengthen the allocation of funds to projects that can make a real difference in people’s lives. “

How it works:
Rapidcool focuses on the problem of applications of refrigeration small amounts, taking into account the supply of full-sized refrigerators / freezers, in order to work continuously in providing cool drinks. To refresh your drink as quickly as possible, without the layers of freezing liquid that is outside, it must be mixed efficiently. The success of technology V-Tex Rapidcool now patented, is the way to stir the drink without causing the effervescence of gas after being opened.

Although projetacda to function as an autonomous unit, the cooling chamber can also be integrated into self-service coolers. This feature is a real innovation can replace most, if not all, beverage coolers, display open worldwide.

What is planned for later?
Project partners closed formal agreements with two global companies in the beverage distribution and production of own brand products. Engineers Rapidcool recently created a robotic arm to add to the business unit in order to fully automate the mode of collection and delivery of the can. The tests are intended for consumers planned to start a supermarket in the Netherlands at the end of October. In progress is the availability of a range of products aimed at domestic and commercial use. These products can be used at home, in the workplace, bars, restaurants and hotels for cooling different beverages from cans of 150 ml bottles of wine 750ml.

Rapidcool consortium, led by Markting Vending, a company Slovenian design vending machines, is composed of four other industrial and academic partners: Enviro-Cool (UK) company specializing in refrigeration and creator of the concept V -Tex, Dymtec (Spain), a specialist in maintenance solutions for industrial refrigeration, Re / Gent (The Netherlands, and a research and development center specializing in refrigeration, UK Inteliigent Systems Research Institute (UK).

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